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 Wm. Shane Woodson

Southern Regional ALM Chapter

SCALM (Southern Regional Association for Linen Management) is a chapter of the ALM (Association for Linen Management) serving the states of North Carolina; South Carolina; Virginia and Eastern Tennessee Laundry Processors and Linen Management Professionals.  The goal of SCALM is to provide an educational format to promote Laundry and Linen and education through association which is the theme of ALM. Please know all are welcome at planned meetings published on this site.  We would enjoy hearing from you and your interest.

Healthcare Segment targets the following facilities:
including not-for-profit, private, corporate and federal

Longterm care facilities, including nursing homes, retirement centers and personal care facilities

Cooperative laundries designed to service multiple hospitals and their outlying clinics 

Hospitality Segment targets the following facilities:

 Hotels, motels, resorts and spa facilities

Corrections Segment targets the following facilities:

 Federal prisons and jails, serving both the staff/employees and inmates participation in a rehabilitation/training program 

Institutional Segment targets the following facilities:

Independent or commercial laundries who service multiple contracts that may include healthcare, hospitality and/or corrections as well as other smaller groups such as doctor’s offices, rental supply houses, catering businesses, etc.

Groups such as the Department of Defense focusing on members of the military who are preparing to return to the private sector

ALM History

Formerly NAILM, the Association for Linen Management (ALM) was founded in 1939 by Heywood Wiley to provide a network for the flow of information among its members leading toward their professional development and the advancement of the technologies they employ.

ALM accomplishes this purpose through the exchange of information, recognition and achievement and formal educational activities. ALM is a non-profit professional organization. It is not a union, and has no collective bargaining or lobbying functions. All of the association's elected and appointed officials serve without compensation. ALM has Chapters assigned by geographic location.    

Current Target

Market Segments

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