Innovative and progressively developing correspondence courses designed to direct frontline personnel in washroom chemistry and linen distribution as well as emergent managers and directors. 
Independent educational offerings designed to keep the laundry/linen/environmental services community abreast of current and changing trends.
Leading industry educational and informational conferences. The industry’s only technical journal dedicated to the advancement of educational opportunities.
Assistance to HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council) standard compliance.
OSHA and ALM sponsored educational program to include certification programs.
Guidance in complying with Joint Commission regulations related to laundry/linen services. These areas include infection control, leadership, and training. 
Collection and distribution of industry data including salaries, job descriptions, contract components, and service statistics.
Networking opportunities with fellow industry leaders addressing concerns such as, automation, par levels, employee recruitment & retention, troubleshooting specific concerns.
Independently operated test piece services provided by a national leading academic institution that will provide insight and identification of your facilities specific linen issues.
Educational opportunities including the industry’s premiere laundry/linen/environmental services college designed to prepare potential and existing directors in all areas of industry, leadership and management skills.

Meeting Member Needs