Memberships are Paid on  a 12 Month Basis.

Regular membership in ALM is available to:
    Individuals, either active or retired, in textile care and environmental services. This includes services in healthcare, hospitality, educational institutions, governmental agencies, commercial laundries, correctional facilities, and similar establishments requiring linen or environmental services as part of normal operations.

Individual Membership
   Provides member services ONLY to the individual named. If the individual leaves the facility the membership goes with the individual. $130 USD.(subject to change)

Facility Membership
   Provides member services to individuals at the facility. One individual is designated as the primary contact and one as the secondary contact to which all regular membership publications will be addressed. If either of the contacts leave the facility, the individual immediately loses all membership benefits and the facility may designate a new contact. $200 USD.

Retired Membership
  Available to individuals who have been active ALM regular members immediately prior to retirement. $20 USD.

Associate membership in ALM is available to:
    Any business organization serving the textile care and environmental services industry as a manufacturer, distributor or consultant. A firm's associate membership in ALM is separate and distinct from any membership(s) it may hold in local chapters, although ALM encourages support of the ALM chapter organizations.

Membership Benefits

Membership Application & Renewal

Discounts For

  •  Educational programs

  •  Educational materials

  •  Test piece service program

  •  Special Testing services

  •  Attending any educational programs. 

Additional Benefits

  • Recording and tracking of contact hours required to maintain ALM certifications.

  • Participation in on-line ALM Newsgroups.

  • Bi-monthly ALM Journal.

  • Post laundry job openings and help-wanted positions on the ALM website at no charge.

  • Bi-monthly email blast on current information.