North Carolina Public Health

South Carolina State Regs for Laundry


2707.1 Hospitals operating laundries shall provide insulation and ventilation to prevent transmission of noise, heat, steam, and odors to patient areas. 

2707.2 If a laundry is not provided in the hospital, a soiled linen storage room shall be provided. This storage room shall be designed, enclosed and used solely for that purpose and provided with mechanical exhaust ventilation direct to the outside. The soiled linen storage room shall be of one-hour fire-resistive construction with “C” labeled, 3/4-hour fire-resistive door and have an automatic sprinkler system. 

2707.3 The laundry shall be divided into specific areas for

soiled and clean linen with necessary walls and/or ventilation to prevent cross-contamination.

State Laundry 

10A NCAC 13B .5103       LAUNDRY SERVICE

The facility shall provide, directly or by contract, a
laundry service or department that provides the following:

(1)          24 hour a day availability of clean linen for patient care needs

(2)          delivery of clean linen and removal of soiled linen in a manner that reduces the spread of infection.

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